Educational Coaching in Australia

After examining some of the common types of educational coaching approaches in the US, I moved on to examine what Australia was doing in regard to continuing professional development for teachers as well as educational coaching. Unlike the UK, I could not find a national framework for coaching identified for Australia. I did find information […]

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Instructional Coaching in the US Continued

I looked a little closer at Instructional Coaching to better understand what it is and the philosophy behind it. Instructional coaching helps teachers to incorporate research-based instructional practices into their teaching. The theoretical framework for Instructional Coaching is a partnership approach, where teachers and coaches work together. According to Knight, 2011, saying that one likes […]

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Coaching in the UK Continued

The National Framework for Mentoring and Coaching also divided mentoring and coaching into three categories and defines them. All three were defined as sustained, structured processes. Mentoring – a process for supporting professionals through career transitions Mentoring induction to support professional learners to a new school, including newly qualified teachers Mentoring Progression to support professional learners […]

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Educational Coaching in the UK

After talking to some coaches and administrators in British Columbia and getting a general idea of what is going on with coaching and mentoring here at home, I thought it might be helpful to look farther afield and see what other nations were doing in regards to coaching and mentoring in education. So I thought […]

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